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Energy is needed for various functions such as maintaining growth, daily activities, exercise, and many other movements or functions that are often taken for granted.
These are shared between the two energy systems.
In today’s world, health and fitness plans rarely work. What is the reason for their alarming failure rate?

The world is much less healthy than it was twenty years ago. This is largely due to the changing eating habits of individuals.

The Basics

The primary energy system and the first to be used is the aerobic system. This system utilizes oxygen for muscle function and makes high demands on the overall body system. This demand generally increases the rate and depth of breathing and blood supply, primarily due to the corresponding increase in heart rate.

When the body requires more energy that cannot be met due to the high oxygen requirement, the body system automatically switches to the anaerobic energy system. This system is able to produce energy without the need to use oxygen.

All of this energy is generated by the proper or correct consumption of food. The foods consumed determine the types of energy levels each individual is capable of producing.
Muscle fatigue usually occurs when all sources of energy are depleted, which can be attributed to a variety of reasons, the most compelling of which is highly dependent on the types of foods consumed.

There are several categories of foods that produce various beneficial elements for the human body system, and it is useful to note those that create or enhance the sources of energy production.

Certainly useful to know.

The aerobic system works by breaking down the carbohydrates, fatty acids and amino acids in the food consumed, while the anaerobic system releases energy from food stored in the body, usually during periods of intense activity.
If we hear about the failure of diets or fitness programs around us, it is usually not their fault. Most of the time, it’s the fault of the people who started making a lot of noise about following these programs, told everyone they knew and everyone they worked with, and then didn’t stick with them.

People who give up on exercise or dieting halfway don’t see the benefits, naturally, and everyone blames the diet.
What the world needs today is not a new health or fitness program or diet, but motivation. What the world needs today is not a new health or fitness program or diet, but motivation.
If they can do that, most lifestyle health problems will become obsolete. And we don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to find that motivation. The motivation is right here, inside us; we just have to look for it and use it.
A generation ago, individuals would not have thought of picking up any junk food to feed their faces. Today, we do it very casually. “I’m hungry” usually means “I want a hamburger or a hot dog, probably with fries on the side and a Coke.” And “I’m on a diet” means “I’m taking a chemical pill that will suppress my hunger and deprive my body of vitamins.” It’s really no wonder we face so many health problems today.

Our health is an indicator of what we consume. The deplorable situation we live in is not an individual problem, but a global problem. The world as a whole has a poor diet. In the United States, six out of ten people are overweight, and that number will rise to eight out of ten by 2015.

Are we really thinking about that? Not at all. Even as you read this eBook, you probably have a bag of chips on the side. Do you know that what you spent on that packet, which fills your stomach with some of the most toxic chemicals known to mankind, could have fed an emaciated young man in Rwanda?
But it’s not just about being philanthropic. It is also about ourselves. Yes, we must be selfish. With such frightening health numbers, aren’t we heading for disaster? We certainly don’t eat well. Whatever extra baggage that brings – obesity and the health problems that come with it – we need to be prepared.

So, the next time you see a program fail or receive a lot of criticism, remember that the criticism is probably not because the program has a shaky foundation. In most cases, it is because people started with good intentions and did not follow through as they should have.

The Way You Think About Food

The most important thing you need to keep your health and fitness program alive – even more important than an instructor or doctor – is your own motivation.

You must be determined to take a hard look at the situation. For example, you are overweight and looking to lose a few pounds. No gym instructor anywhere in the world will help you if you don’t take the proper steps to have a good diet and stick to your routine exercises.

Even if you are sick and seeking treatment, no doctor will help you if you are not committed to the treatment program, whether it is taking the right medications at the right time or abstaining from certain foods.

Your state of mind

Up until now, we have been terribly lost in our eating habits. If we don’t take stock of the situation and take charge, things aren’t going to get better.
The number one element is awareness. We need to learn which foods are good for us and which are not. We need to go back to training and understand what nutrients our body really needs and how much.

Then we need to establish a diet for ourselves and our loved ones to eat healthier. We need to cut out all the undesirable foods – sugars, fats, carbohydrates, we don’t really want – and incorporate foods that can improve our health.
This sounds too sanctimonious, I understand. But it’s the only reprieve we have. If we keep munching on Oreos, we’ll never get better.

But there is hope. The hope is that there are many foods that are just as tasty as those awful junk foods, but that we don’t know about yet.
These are the foods we don’t know about yet. We probably don’t like them or know how to prepare them, but a healthy cookbook can help you understand the different interesting ways to cook healthy.
Even with the same type of diet as you, you are able to concoct really delicious healthy dishes. Yes, it is possible. You are able to change your eating habits to a great extent while paying attention to your palate.

The fact is that the weight loss industry is responsible in a very significant way for this decay of the developed human race. They have to keep selling their Atkins, their Jenny Craigs, their Zones, and their Medifasts, and that’s why the media never tells you how we can actually take control.
They show us great before-and-after pictures of someone with a foot-long sub, and then the same guy with two-inch abs, and tell us that it was the diet that made it possible.

But the fact is, if we get our act together, we can very easily do it too, without having to spend thousands of dollars on these diets. And what do we need to do?

2 general things :

-Control what we consume. Exercise.
Now, is that too much to do? Don’t we owe it to our bodies that have served us so well all these years? Don’t we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones?

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