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Fixing Your Procrastination Environment

Written by bahaoui
Procrastination is a common practice that many people exhibit in their lives today. Instead of using their time to accomplish or complete essential tasks, they tend to procrastinate and use their time for trivial things. The good news is that there is a great way to rectify this habit, which is to correct the procrastination environment. Here are some helpful tips to help you correct your procrastination environment.

Your environment

Your environment can be one of the reasons you procrastinate. To prevent this habit from taking over your life, you need to correct your procrastination environment using the right approach. Your environment can have a direct impact on your productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to examine your environment and workspace to determine if it inspires you or simply makes you lazy. Assess whether your environment promotes positive or negative feelings and mood.

If your environment is fostering negative emotions and moods, think about effective ways to change it and make it more conducive and appropriate for work. There are many ways to do this, such as removing clutter from your table or desk, replacing light bulbs with brighter ones, and diffusing therapeutic and aromatic air until your senses are fully awakened. Here are some other effective ways to improve your procrastination environment:

Make your environment or space more attractive and appealing.

You need to keep in mind that the place you work is also the place you live, so it needs to be attractive and lively. A terrible environment will only make you procrastinate. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain an attractive environment so that you are more inspired and motivated to do your work. It is very helpful to add a visual effect to your work environment.

Add plants

Plants are a great way to add life to your lifeless environment or workspace. Use live or oxygen-generating plants rather than artificial ones. You’ll find that these plants begin to thrive with you and reflect you. Get closer to nature and have time to enjoy your surroundings more.

Make your environment smell good

A fresh, clean environment has a significant effect on your productivity. It is somehow motivating and engaging to work in an environment that smells good and makes you feel good.

Play soft, relaxing music

Some people procrastinate because they are stuck in a messy or complicated environment.
You need to change that environment if you really want to end your procrastination habit.
Put on some soft, relaxing music, it will encourage you to work harder and finish your tasks as planned. You can also experiment with different types of music and determine their possible effect on your productivity and stress level. You can use your headphones if you don’t want to distract others.

Personalize your space

Your workspace has an impact on your performance and productivity. If you don’t want to procrastinate, change your environment by personalizing your space and making it livable and workable.
This is a great way to improve your mood and start getting things done.

Get Inspired

Some people consider procrastination to be the death of the soul, but others do not. What is certain is that regardless of one’s views and ideas about procrastination, it remains a habit that must be corrected and completely overcome.


There are countless ways to overcome this habit. If you want to stop procrastinating, get inspired and hang out with people who inspire and motivate you. Here’s how you can be inspired and successfully stop procrastination.

Spend time with people who inspire you and encourage you to take action

There is no doubt that when you spend time talking to worthy and hardworking people, you will be more inspired to work and act than to do nothing. Be aware that other people can influence your behavior. You need to make sure that you are only inspired by people who are positive influences in your life.
Identify colleagues and people who inspire you to work and become better. Hang out more often with people who work hard and are go-getters. You can also hang out with personal development experts, as these people can give you more advice on how to deal with procrastination using the right approaches.

Find a companion who inspires you

Having the best companion makes the process of ending the procrastination habit easier. Choose the most ideal body and this person should have bigger goals in life. Both of you will be responsible for each other’s plans and goals, although it is not really necessary that both of you have the same goals. Have different goals
It’s helpful to have different goals so that you have the opportunity to learn from each other. Talk to your friend regularly and find time to discuss each other’s goals and progress toward them. Needless to say, this will inspire you to take action

Look for people who have successfully overcome the habit of procrastination and get inspired by them.

There are times in life when, in order to get things done and be successful, you need to seek out people who have been in the same situation and find out how they manage to get things done. Once you have found these people, make connections with them. Seeing evidence that goals are achievable may inspire you to take action and be more productive in life.
If you truly have a desire to be more optimistic in life, you need to stay in the company of optimistic people. This principle is also true when it comes to eliminating procrastination. Hang out with individuals who inspire you to work, act and persevere until you reach your goals rather than hanging out with people who will only join you in your world of procrastination.

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