Losing Weight by Eating Right

Written by bahaoui
You can easily find a lot of information on how to eat right to lose weight. But there are things that are more important than the food itself. Let’s start with these things. Without them, your weight loss will be a useless effort.


No one can lose weight effectively without the right motivation. You need to have a goal in mind, this is what keeps you determined. This goal can be the need to look better (read, to be thinner), to be healthier, to be more physically active, anything. Then you need to set your mind on that goal. That is the goal you need to think about. When you are sure of the goal you want to achieve, you are able to chart your course in a much better way.

Support and encouragement

Although there are people who have lost weight on their own, things are much easier if they have their family and friends to support them. They have to keep encouraging them, without ridiculing them, and then the system works. There are people who have lost weight simply because they can be more productive in their family life.
This can be a very strong feeling and can work very well for weight loss. It is also very effective if you can do a weight loss program with someone else. Even a small competitive edge helps. In fact, competition can work very well.

There “s nothing better than showing someone you can do something. The actual diet comes later.
Now, don “t be swayed by the various diet fads you see on the internet.
They are absolutely not necessary. What you need is your own determination and some effort to choose the right foods.

Eating Right Is Not the Only Thing

You must have heard many times how important it is to complement your eating habits with other aspects of a healthy lifestyle to enrich your life. Diet is a part of our lives – a very important part too – but it’s not the only thing. Exercise is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about supplementing a diet.
We already know how important exercise is. If you eat well but stay on your couch, you will get very little benefit from your new eating habits. There are many other things that we need to complement our good eating and exercise habits. Here is a list.

Positive attitude

A person who is always optimistic and enthusiastic about life is likely to be more successful in all areas. A positive attitude is a very important part of wellness.

Managing Food, Family, and Friends

Many people end up paying much more than they bargained for when they commit to a healthy eating program. Here are the things I’ve heard:
“I started a natural food program for my kids at home, and now they hate me for it.” -A housewife with three children.
“Did I do something wrong? My husband thinks I’m more obsessed with my waistline than him.” -A wife of 20 years.
“I missed an invitation to a party because we thought I didn’t want to be tempted.” A middle-aged man going to the office.

These things are completely natural. We get into a diet program and then such things happen. The first thing we have to overcome is the ridicule of the people around us. Yes, there are people who will make fun of you if you start a diet. But you have to remember that there are many more people who will make fun of us if we don’t diet and continue to gain weight.

The second problem is that the person who is on a healthy diet will want others around them to do the same. Women will try to influence other family members to eat healthier as well, and men will try to do so when they are in their group of friends. You need to realize one thing. Even you didn’t join this healthy eating program until you were totally convinced. You didn’t start right away, did you? You took your time.

It wasn’t until you realized that you had to take care of your health that you started to take things more seriously. But now that you’ve started your healthy eating program, you shouldn’t expect others to start right away. They will take their time if they decide to continue eating healthy at all. Do your best to convince them by explaining the health benefits and all the other advantages they will have if they start eating healthy. But don’t start stuffing them with those germs yet.

Another thing is that people who are on a healthy eating program tend to make it much more of a big deal than it really is. They want everyone to know what supreme dietary sacrifices they are making. They will tell everyone that they skip meals and only eat things that are considered healthy, etc. But this can put you out of certain social circles. For example, your friends may not even call you the next time they go to Taco Bell. The best approach would be to let your friends know that you let yourself go from time to time, which you need to do to avoid stress. That way, they won’t be too bothered by your eating habits.

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