The Law of Attraction

Stop the Default Processes from Ruling Your Life

Written by bahaoui
To a large extent, we let things and situations dominate us. How often in life do we say to ourselves, “This situation is beyond me! I can’t do anything about it”? We often do. Every time we do this, we give up control of our lives to the situations that rule us. We don’t think at all the way the Law of Attraction suggests we should.

And what is that way?

Simply put, this way of thinking is to think as if we are governing circumstances. In fact, these circumstances are largely in our hands: it is up to us to create situations conducive to our development, not the other way around.
Think about it. Do you have a financial problem that is blocking you? You probably have a project planned, but you can’t do it because of a lack of funds. So what do you do? Most people will think it’s going nowhere and bailout. But a person who truly believes subjectively will understand that the financial problem is within the frame of reference and won’t worry too much about it. On the other hand, such a person will try to think that they can make the situation favorable.

Does this sound impractical? Actually, it’s not that difficult. If you start thinking hard about having money, what will you do? The Law of Attraction tells you that you must “visualize” it and behave as if you had the money. In this case, you will probably ask for a loan and when you do, you will be very confident because you will believe that the money is yours. Your confidence will work to your advantage because your potential financiers will feel that you have the ability to earn and repay. They will understand that you are a person of merit.

This is what Law of Attraction practitioners do. They make things happen for them through an intense thought process. But their thought process is not of this objective world. They think that they are the center of everything that happens and that they can have total control over the situations they face.

Pivoting Your Thought Process

In order to create the subjective thought process that the Law of Attraction requires of you, it is very important that you create the right frame of reference. You must be like the person who sees everything in a dream. Your perceived reality is actually the things that are happening in your frame of reference, which is just another name for your consciousness. But you have to put your finger on that consciousness. You have to anchor it. This aspect – anchoring your awareness – is known as pivoting your thought process.

When you begin to pivot your thought process, the first requirement is to have a fixed point from which to begin. Usually, this fixed point is your resolution, your intention, your motive, your goal. For example, if you really need to start a business, your resolution to do so is your pivot. The stronger your resolve to do so, the deeper your pivot. This is why people with stronger resolutions are able to achieve better things than those who don’t have a strong mindset to achieve something.

If you look at your desire as your pivot and see everything from that perspective, everything falls into place. You feel like everything that happens is designed to bring you closer to your desire. In the example above, if your desire to start a business is your pivot, you feel that everything that happens in your life is moving you closer to achieving your dreams. This includes both the positive and negative aspects.
If you suddenly meet someone, you feel that there will be a connection to your new business, which has not yet started, but you have no apprehension about it. You also feel that being laid off from your office job will bring you closer to your own business.

People who firmly believe in the Law of Attraction build such pivots in their minds. Then their whole life is centered around that pivot. It is what drives and motivates them to get closer to their goals.

The Right Mindset about Money

What does the law of attraction tell us about money?

It is actually very important to emphasize that the Law of Attraction is not just about money. It is a very general law that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. It is a law that helps to enrich us as people, not just as financial entities. However, we are struggling to see how we can apply the law of attraction to attract money.

This is why it becomes vital to know what kind of mindset you need to have. If we try to apply the law of attraction to this concept, we must realize that a person who is trying to attract money must be thinking about it all the time. Since thoughts attract results, this is what must happen.

However, the thoughts do not have to be objective. What are objective thoughts? If you only think about how many dollars you’re going to make on a particular project, that’s an objective thought. If you can’t think beyond the numbers, you are just thinking objectively. You’re thinking about what you might make, what you might save, etc. These are objective thoughts, and if you apply the Law of Attraction, you will understand that these thoughts will not attract money to you.

So you must think subjectively. Don’t think about the money itself, think about what you have to do to get it. Thinking about the quality of your product, for example, is a nice step in this regard. When you do this, you improve the sales potential of your product and, therefore, bring in money.
A person who believes in the Law of Attraction will not think: “I have to sell this product because I want to make money”. On the contrary, this person will think: “I must be honest in making this product and give it a high quality so that I can make money with it”.

A person who believes in the Law of Attraction automatically becomes honest, because they know what it takes to make money. They don’t believe in quick fixes but always commit to the long term. This is also what you should think about money: don’t think about how you will make money, but what you have to do to make the money come to you.

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