Confidence for Kids

The Disadvantages of Poor Self Confidence

Written by bahaoui

A child who lacks confidence will most likely have a much more difficult life than a confident child. The following chapter will give you some examples of the countless disadvantages that a lack of self-confidence can have on your child’s life.

The Dangers of Low Self-Confidence

The disadvantages of a lack of self-confidence are numerous. These disadvantages can have a huge negative impact on a person’s current life as well as their future. This is why it is so important to instill a high level of self-confidence in your child, even at a young age. Here are some examples of the negative effects a lack of self-confidence can have on a child:

Fear of trying new things:

If your child has low self-confidence, he or she will probably have trouble trying new things. The fear of failure will overtake them again and again. This fear will stop them dead in their tracks every time they think about trying something new.

Bad social repercussions:

If your child suffers from low self-confidence, he or she will likely have difficulty with social life in the future. A task as simple as approaching someone to say hello can seem impossible if a person has low confidence. To be able to talk to other people and hold your head up high, you need to have good self-confidence. This can also extend to the classroom and your child’s learning. For example, if your child has very little self-confidence, he or she will probably be afraid to approach a teacher and ask for help with what he or she doesn’t understand. He or she will prefer to settle for a bad grade because he or she won’t have to interact socially in that way.

Emotional Problems:

Some emotional problems are likely to be caused by long periods of lack of confidence. These emotional problems may include loss of joy, anxiety, depression, irritability, and, in extreme cases, suicide. Suicide most often occurs when a child feels that he or she is nothing and will never be anything. Sometimes they hide this feeling from their parents, sometimes their parents don’t pay enough attention, but either way, it’s terrible for a child to do this.
All of these emotional problems can affect your child’s life now and in the future. That’s why your top priority as your child’s parent should be to make sure your child feels good about himself or herself and is very confident. Keep in mind all of the negative consequences discussed in this chapter while remembering that there are countless others and you will certainly be motivated to start helping your child improve his or her self-confidence.

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