The most fashionable jacket of this spring – why do women of fashion love it so much and how to wear it?

Written by bahaoui

If you follow Instagram bloggers, you probably noticed that with the onset of spring, many of them began to wear cropped jackets to the waist. In this article, we will tell you about all the nuances of the trend, and also clearly show you what to combine with a fashionable thing this season.

For those who are tired of long, heavy jackets, designers have come up with a lightweight crop version. Waist-length models are the new fashion hit for this spring. Bloggers in TikTok are already recording video instructions on how to make an updated, shortened version of their old jacket, and the install divas clearly demonstrate what images they get with it. 

From the classics, crop jackets inherited wide shoulders and pointed lapels. The length can be either up to the waistline or below. As with the standard jacket, material and fit are of great importance here. The fabric should be tight enough to keep its shape well and not wrinkle. Fit – free, models are allowed one size or two more if you want to add volume to the image. 

Cropped blazers visually transform the figure. The length helps define the waist and emphasize the length of the legs. Massive shoulders compensate for the width of the hips, making the figure expressive and refined. 

The easiest way to fit a cropped jacket into your wardrobe is to pair it with jeans. If you want your legs to look “from the ears”, choose a model with a high waist and wide, long legs. This will make you look noticeably taller and slimmer, and you won’t even need heels for that. 

A cropped jacket makes a good friend with dres’ pants, so you can even wear it to work. A cropped jacket will help refresh an office bow and save it from unnecessary formality. 

A bold and unusually cropped jacket looks like leather trousers. The combination of different textures and styles makes the image sharper and more interesting. To enhance the effect, accentuating the contrast with details.

The most springtime combination is a cropped jacket and a miniskirt. We advise you to compensate the length with the help of shoes – choose boots or boots on a low ride with thick, rough soles, and do not forget about accessories: chains, large rings, graphic-shaped glasses will be an excellent addition to the outfit. 

You can also wear a short jacket with sportswear. Feel free to put on a jacket with leggings or bicycles and go for a walk. 

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