The third one is superfluous: how to help yourself with an intestinal disorder

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An upset bowel movement, like winter, always appears unexpectedly. It seems that everything was fine just now, but the “indignation” of the stomach is already heard in the queue at the bank, during a romantic movie, or on a date, and the side effects make you feel like a sprinter for short distances. Sometimes you don’t know how to explain to your boss that you won’t go to work today? Canceling plans? We decided to look into the causes of diarrhea and what we can do to help ourselves cope with it!

The reasons

Diarrhea is considered one of the most common signs of intestinal disorders. About 2 billion cases are reported annually! 1 It is easy to recognize it: trips to the toilet are noticeably more frequent, the stool changes, and pain in the abdomen may appear. And the solution is needed here and now, and not in a week by appointment, so you have to look for a way out yourself. To begin with, you can analyze your recent actions and find out which factor could trigger the onset of diarrhea.

Taking antibiotics

Antibiotic treatment involves processes that can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria. They release toxins and cause inflammation, which has a very unpleasant side effect – diarrhea. In the case of taking antibiotics, it is necessary to drink drugs that prevent the onset of the disorder or can help in the treatment of diarrhea that has already appeared.

Intestinal infection

Infection most often occurs when an infectious agent enters the body, for example through food, water, and even dirty hands, so do not neglect thorough washing and using soap! Bacteria, their toxins, and viruses can be provocateurs of intestinal infections.

When microbes enter the intestines, they begin to multiply, release toxins and cause inflammation in the intestines – in fact, because of this, vomiting and diarrhea occur. If they are in a very strong form, then dehydration of the body can occur!


Yes, yes, you can’t even imagine how stress affects your entire body, including the state of the gastrointestinal tract. Nervousness before taking an exam, report at work or in matters of the heart can provoke frustration, even if you were otherwise diligent. Try to cope with your anxiety and don’t make life difficult for your gut. Take care of him – he needs it.

Diet change and climate change

The body gets used to your daily diet, so when traveling, intestinal discomfort may occur. Exotic food or unusual water quality can trigger diarrhea. To prevent this from happening, try to stick to a familiar diet even on vacation and drink bottled water – you never know!


As quick self-help for your body, drink more fluids and make your diet more gentle. And remember that probiotics and prebiotics can help fight diarrhea and its causes.

It is worth paying attention to drugs that help to eliminate, as well as prevent diarrhea, regardless of its cause. This is especially true during the cold season!

For example, Enteral ®  is a probiotic with an antidiarrheal effect. The active ingredient, saccharomycetes boulardi, unlike most bacterial probiotics, is not affected by antibiotics 2 and can be taken to prevent diarrhea from the first day of taking the medication 3. After all, antibiotics kill bacteria, including beneficial ones, which are found in a number of bacterial probiotics.

Even if you do not know exactly what caused diarrhea, Enteral ®  will help you with diarrhea of ​​various origins. The drug, acting gently in the intestines *, helps to eliminate diarrhea and its causes, suppresses, and removes the causative agents of diarrhea from the body. In addition, it helps to reduce inflammation in the intestines 3 and maintain a healthy microflora.

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