The Law of Attraction

Wealth Manifestation through the Law of Attraction

Written by bahaoui
Here are the five things you need to do to manifest the wealth you expect through the Law of Attraction.

Believe in

The first step is to anchor the thought of wealth in your subconscious mind. You must firmly believe that you will be able to achieve the great amount of wealth you are hoping for.


It is very important to visualize wealth. You need to think that the wealth is already in your bank account and know what you will do with it. Start thinking like you are planning what you are going to do with that money. You don’t already have it, but that’s not the point. The Law of Attraction says you have to be strong in your belief, and visualization is the best way to do that.

Be grateful

To take your belief a step further, you need to start thanking the universe for granting you wealth. It hasn’t granted you wealth yet, but you have no doubt at all that it can happen. You are pretty damn sure you will get wealth, so being grateful is the next logical step.

Listen to your heart

Your heart will tell you many things at this point. It will tell you to do certain things. Don’t stifle any of these “voices.” Listen to them carefully. Act on them.
You need to make sure you listen to each voice because each one could be the voice that opens the door of opportunity for you.

Follow through on your actions

Never give up, never give in. Remember that stopping is a sign of weakness. You don’t want the universe to know that your faith is wavering. You want it to know that you will continue no matter what. Sooner or later, your supreme confidence will bring wealth to your door.

Is a Poor Person Who Thinks Positively about Money Rich?

This is a question that irritates most people, especially those who are hearing about the law of attraction for the first time. After all, they think, the Law of Attraction is about thoughts that produce results, so if they think hard about something, shouldn’t they get it? In other words, if someone doesn’t have a car and is thinking hard about it, they should get one, right?
Although this sounds very romantic, the problem is that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work that way. It’s not about thinking, thinking, getting, getting. There are a lot of sub-layers here. First of all, people who think about the Law of Attraction in this way don’t include a very important element in the equation: the importance of effort. You won’t get much done if you don’t channel your thoughts into action.

Let’s understand this better with an example. Let’s say you have the ambition to open a restaurant. For now, it’s just your ambition. Yes, you think about it so hard that you feel like it, but that’s all. Will it make your restaurant then?
The answer is obvious: no. The Law of Attraction is not about sitting on a couch watching a DVD and waiting for your inner desires to manifest. You have to actually let the thought out of your system. You have to let it out and turn it into action.

When you think hard about something, there will be an inner voice telling you to act in a particular way. If you are thinking about opening a restaurant, a little inner voice will tell you to start looking for the right places. That voice will tell you to learn the art of hotel management. The voice will also tell you to start raising money. There are so many things that will be said by that little voice.

The important thing is that you listen to it. Only when you begin to translate these thoughts into action will you be able to do something about them.
For example, a beggar who just thinks about a horse will not be able to do anything quickly. However, if he thinks about how he should get a horse and starts putting those ideas into action, chances are he will get one fairly quickly.

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