Why We Face Health Problems Today

Written by bahaoui
A generation ago, people wouldn’t have thought of grabbing any junk food packet at hand to feed their faces. Today, we do it very casually. “I’m hungry” usually means “I want a burger or a frankfurter, probably with fries on the side and a Coke”. “Let’s go out partying” means “Let’s drink until we can’t stand anymore and intersperse the drinks with as much synthetic Chinese food as possible.” And “I’m on a diet” means “I’m taking a chemical pill that will kill my hunger and starve my body of vitamins.”

“It’s really no wonder we face so many health problems today.

Our health is an indicator of what we eat. The sorry state of affairs we live in is not an individual problem, it is a global problem. The world as a whole has a poor diet. Six out of ten people in the United States are overweight, and that number will increase to eight out of ten by 2015. The United States, the world’s largest economy, spends nearly $147 billion a year on health care due to various obesity-related problems. And this situation is true for most of the so-called developed nations of the world.

If you consider this fact alone, imagine how much richer the United States would be if it didn’t have to deal with this problem. The U.S. reserves would have about $150 billion more each year to use for development purposes. Probably there would have been more schools and universities (we know there is always a shortage of schools and universities).
We know that there is still a shortage of schools and universities, that there is more research, that the way of life of the people could be improved and many other things. With this amount of money, the United States could feed 3 third-world countries in Africa every year and rid them of all their food problems.

Do we really think about that? Not at all. Even as you read this e-book, you probably have a package of Frito Lays on your side. Did you know that this package, filling your stomach with some of the most toxic chemicals known to man, could have fed an emaciated child in Rwanda?

But it’s not just about being philanthropic. It is also about ourselves. Yes, we must be selfish. With such alarming numbers, aren’t we calling down the curse on ourselves? We certainly don’t eat well. Whatever excess baggage that brings – obesity and the various health problems that come with it – we need to be prepared.

The Solution

So far, we have made huge mistakes in our eating habits. If we don’t take stock of the situation and take charge, things are not going to get better.

The first thing to do is awareness. We need to learn which foods are good for us and which are not. We need to go back to school (not literally, of course) and understand what nutrients our bodies really need and in what amounts. Then we need to develop a diet for ourselves and our family to eat healthier. We need to cut out all the harmful foods – carbs, fats, sugars, we don’t really want them – and incorporate foods that can improve our health.

It sounds too sanctimonious, I know. But it’s the only break we get. If we keep munching on Oreos, we’ll never get better. But there is hope. The hope is that there are many foods that are just as tasty as those nasty junk foods, but we don’t know about them yet. These are the foods we don’t know about yet, probably because we don’t like them or don’t know how to prepare them, but a good healthy cookbook can help you understand the different interesting ways to cook healthy. Even with the same type of diet you follow, you can concoct some very delicious healthy dishes. Yes, it’s definitely possible. You can change your eating habits to a great extent and still take care of your palate.

The fact is that the weight loss industry is responsible in a very significant way for this downfall of the developed human race. They need to keep selling their Atkins, their Jenny Craigs, their Zones, and their Medi-fasts, and that’s why the media never tells you how to take charge. They show us great before and after pictures of a guy with a foot-long pannus, then the same guy with six-inch abs and tell us that the diet made it possible.

But the fact is, if we took matters into our own hands, we could very easily do it too, without having to spend thousands of dollars on these diets. And what should we do? Two basic things: control what we eat.

Is that too much to ask? Don’t we owe it to our bodies that have served us so well all these years? Don’t we owe it to ourselves and our families?

Throughout this eBook, we will look at how we can eat properly and change our diet in general to improve our lives. And we can do this in a very significant way.

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